Winter Social Bowls

Winter Bowls Wrap 2016

 After a record turnout in 2015, numbers were slightly down on all three days for 2016, but nevertheless a very healthy total of 4799 registrants bowled on our greens over the entire season.  There were two new innovations for 2016: a 12 noon start on all three days and the popular 2-4-2 format for pairs bowling, which had been exclusively used on Fridays in past seasons, was also adopted for Saturdays. Both were well received. The two-bowl triples format was retained for Wednesdays.

Bowlers from 41 different bowling clubs joined us during this season; 32 from within the metropolitan region, 6 from the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island and 3 from interstate. This year we had 208 different people feature amongst the bowling prize winners. Of those, 72 were one time winners and, at the other end of the spectrum, Geoff Thomas featured 18 times, Sam Caon 14 times and John Daire 13 times, to top the ‘honour board’. Not everyone bowls on all three days and the bowlers to feature amongst the bowling prize winners most often on the separate days were Rodney Egge on Wednesdays, Trevor Freeman and Bob Cecchi on Fridays and Geoff Thomas on Saturdays. In total close to $17,000 in prize money and raffle prizes was handed out.  With an incredible run of sustained luck Ray Kirkwood was the most often awarded raffle winner and lucky draw recipient.

It was great to see so many bowlers enjoying their winter bowls again this year. The many kind words of appreciation from bowlers throughout the season were well received by ‘me’ and ‘him’ and they wish everyone well for the pennant season ahead. See you again next year!


Most prolific winter prizewinners:
Sam Caon, Geoff Thomas, John Daire.

2017 Winter Bowls

Wednesday Commences on 8th March 2017
Saturday commences on 11th March 2017
Friday commences on 7th April 2017

How Winter Bowls Works

Our aim is to run a winter competion that is quite social and good fun to be part of.

Each week there will be an entry list up for Wednesday Cosmo 2 Bowl Triples, Friday & Saturday Cosmo Pairs 2-4-2. Saturday Cosmo Pairs has replaced Saturday Triples this year.

Everyone that wishes to bowl on any day must enter their names on the appropriate entry list for each day they wish to bowl on. Entries will be taken up to 11.00am for all days.

Wednesday Cosmo Triples

– 2 games of 15 ends two bowl triples.

– Winners of the first game will play other winners in the second game and losers of the first game will play other losers in the second game.

– There will be prizes for the winners of the winners (and runners up) and winners of the losers.

– The prizes will be based on the second game.

Friday & Saturday Cosmo Pairs

– 1 game of 11 ends and 1 game of 12 ends of 2-4-2 bowls.

– There will be prizes for the winners of the winners (and runners up) and winners of the losers.

– The prizes will be based on the second game.


– 10 points for the win, with a point for each end won.

– Shots up and percentage will be used to determine results if required.


– Ideally we would like teams to be mixed with at least one woman bowler per team, however, we realise that this is not always possible.

– Only ONE male bowler from Tranmere’s first side is allowed in each team (except the Friday pairs).

– Casual dress.


Entry fee of $6 per bowler includes tea/coffee/biscuits.


Our coordinator is John Feddersen, well assisted by Claus Schonfeldt – phone the club 8431 6197.