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Presentation dinner 10 April 2019
Wed 3 April Grand Final cover
paul cover 12 Jan
Wed Side results cover
Thurs prelim final 28 March
alana cover 12 Jan
Women's final pennants 14 March
sat 23 march prelim final
Ian cover 12 Jan
Cover - Sat Open Pennant Season
side results
R1-18 Wednesday pennant sides
R1-18 Thursday pennant sides
R1-18 Saturday pennant sides
Wed selectors


The Bowls Committee reviewed and updated the Selectors’ Manual that outlines the principles and requirements to be followed by the selectors appointed to select our pennant sides. It also sets out the Members’ responsibilities and their rights to respectfully discuss genuine grievances arising out of the selection process. The review took into account what was learnt last year, both as direct feedback from selectors (via their respective chairpersons) and through the survey of club members, which achieved an excellent response rate. For a brief report on the survey responses, please refer to the June 2018 edition of the Tranmere Times.

The panel approach is again carried through to this coming year. Following many comments about the rostering off policy that too is slightly modified to bring every club member into contention, albeit adopting a practical approach to minimise compromising the competitiveness of any side while meeting the equity principle.

Click on the link to view the Manual.   Selectors Manual 2018-19